We understand how important it is to offer correct advice and information. This brochure outlines our service, our relationship with banks and insurers, charges, quality standards and the relationship with our customers. It also contains information on how to file a complaint.


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When you apply for a mortgage you will usually need an Employer declaration. This is a standard form which is accepted by all banks.

Most financiers will accept the Declaratie bouwdepot (Construction fund expenses form)  for submitting builder’s invoices. You always need to keep copies of the invoices and the form, both for your own administration and for tax purposes.




Stichting Erkenningsregeling Hypotheekadviseurs
(Professional Standards for the Foundation of Approved Mortgage Advisors)
The Foundation of Approved Mortgage Advisors (SEH) was formed through an initiative by the joint mortgage providers. The SEH helps consumers find expert mortgage advice through an approval scheme for mortgage advisors who have recognised knowledge and experience. read more: Beroepscode SEH.

Nederlandse Vereniging Hypothecair Planners
(NVHP – Dutch Mortgage Planners Association)
Mortgage planning is based on income planning and capital build-up through home ownership. Mortgage Planners are experienced mortgage negotiators who distinguish themselves through a recognised degree in Mortgage Planning. Mortgage Planners can advise you on the legal, fiscal and economic aspects of income planning and capital build up. They are associates of the NVHP. (read more..)